Pós Graduação de Geografia


What is PosGeo?

The Graduate Program in Geography of UFF was inaugurated in 1998 with the Academic Master’s Course, whose Master Lecture was held by emeritus geographer Milton Santos. The program was then consolidated in 2001 with the approval of the Doctorate Course. To date, the Program has awarded 284 Masters and 197 PhD degrees, and has stood out as one of the most renowned in its scientific field, obtaining grade SIX (6) in Capes’ evaluation since 2010. The growing demands for admissions of undergraduate and graduate students from different national and foreign institutions (especially from Latin America, such as Chilean, Colombian, Bolivian and Mexican ones) attest to its acquired academic reference.

The Program’s main objective is to contribute to the integral training of professionals committed to the expansion of scientific knowledge, to the development and communication of research and, in particular, to the preparation for teaching in higher education institutions, with a critical and integrated academic concept of the territorial and environmental ordering of societies, to train masters and doctors in concepts, research methodologies and analysis of urban, regional and environmental planning.

Internal Regulations of the Program

Graduate Course in Geography

coordination, PosGeo


O acompanhamento da produção intelectual e inserção profissional dos egressos do Programa possui peso significativo na avaliação da CAPES. Caso você seja um dos/as nossos/as egressos/as, por favor, ajude-nos a manter suas informações atualizadas




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